The Centre for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho [CARL stands out for its importance nationwide. lt is an anchor project with the capacity to generate synergies and commitment from both the public and the private sector, applying the strategic value of sport in the local development agenda. 
This centre has a 2300 meters long and 3m deep main channel, with a side returning channel and also a cooling down channel, becoming the biggest artificial "pool" in the country. 

The main building offers: 
16 hangars [24x6m each]. 
Restaurant area 
Many polyvalent rooms



The High-Performance Centre is still into a lot of improvements. Updates to the start systems are planned as well as the use of the wind barrier to reduce strong side wind, as in the last Championships. Knowing that it does not reduce at 100% the side wind in all 9 lanes, it creates a much fair race for all as it reduces the big advantages of the first lanes and creates similar conditions in each lane.