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The Center for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho

The Center for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho [CAR]...

Geographic Location:
Lat 40°10’21.13”N / Lon 8°41’4.73”W
Depth from 1.60 mts to 3.00 mts
Electrical power: 220 W (16, 32, et 63 amp)
Travel lift up to 39 ton
Boat yard services
Located at 139 Kms from the Porto airport

Athletes area characteristics:
The athletes will have their own area.
This area includes:


All entrances to the competition are free of charge. We provide temporary structures for leisure. This includes entertainment, food and beverage kiosks, merchandise kiosks and other activities for the public to enjoy.
We try to attract as many people as possible and therefore we use local and national media coverage such as radios, TV channels, press and media. A video signal of the races will be available and it will be displayed in more than 30 plasma screens around the Venue.


The information will be set in 2 steps: outside the limits of the event, at different public locations and also at the main entrance of the venue in appropriated structures for the purpose.

The merchandising will be set at the main entrance of the venue in appropriated structures for the purpose.

Will be temporary structures, placed in strategic locations and also public bathrooms at the main entrance. This includes handicap Toilets.

This service will be assured by local cafe & restaurant and food structures rented to catering and drinks establishments. This will be located in the areas surrounding the public stands.
For 2013 we will increase the conditions for handicap, especially for people in wheelchairs.


The Centre for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho [CAR] stands out for its importance nationwide. It is an anchor project with the capacity to generate synergies and commitment from both the public and the private sector, applying the strategic value of sport in the local development agenda.


This is admittedly a structuring urban project for Montemor and for the surrounding region or, in proximity scales, giving the impact on the riverfront of the historic centre.

The Building
The main building is close to the pier and the outside access.
The transfer of the boats, from the trailers park to the storage inside the hangar and i from here to water is direct and has a sequential rectilinear path.


This structure includes 16 hangars for teams (24x6m each), restaurant area, showers, bathrooms, gymnasium and polyvalent rooms, which occupy the entire front of the Centre.
Inside the changing rooms extra facilities are available such as Sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi.

Teams Area
There will be 15 hangars available for the teams that will be distributed according to the number of its elements. Your Federation hangar will be published a week before the race.
Upon arrival, you will be able to find your country identified at each entrance.

Polyox control
The competitors can embark to the race from the 1st pier, where their boats, body numbers, boat numbers and accreditation cards are checked by ECA Officials.
Paracanoe athletes will have to use the 2nd pier, which will be exclusively prepared for them.

1st Boat Control
This structure will be used for the 1st boat control, provided by ECA Officials, from June 11th to June 13th.
All teams are requested to book the boat control upon arrival to the venue.
The schedule for the1st boat control will be published some time before the week of the event.
After 1st boat control this structure will be converted into an athlete’s lounge, until the end of the event.

Medical Center
There will be several security entities working during the week of the championship at the venue.
Take note that the minimal services will be available for the training days.
The medical Centre will only be opened during the competition hours.
The security Operations Control Center will be the coordinator centre for all the medical and security teams.
Anti Doping will be held at the back of the Medical Centre. Selected competitors have to face doping control according to ECA regulations.

Info Point
The information Point for the team leaders is located in the competitors’ area, the same place as the gymnasium.
During the competition volunteers, in this point, will provide information not only about start lists and results but also about the event in general.
This is also the place where you can deliver crew changes forms, etc…
A Plasma screen will be also available in this location with real time results and start lists.

Massage Room
If your team`s hangar and tent is not enough, the organization will provide you an extra open space for your team massages and relax time. All equipments have to be brought by you.

Prize Giving Ceremony
This area is meant to reunite the competitors that will participate in the medal ceremony.
This is the place where your athletes can change clothes and can prepare themselves for the ceremony.
The access to this area is made directly from the 2nd boat control.

Free Weight
There will be a free scale, where you can weigh up your boats during the competition days.

The Accreditation centre is located at the Venue Entrance.
All participants will arrive directly to the Accreditation Centre.
There will be two rooms for the accreditation. The first is dedicated to the finance department and the second is dedicated to the production of the accreditation cards and delivery of documents to the team’s leader.
Only the team leader needs to proceed to the accreditation desks to collect the accreditation cards and other objects for the team.
Because many of the teams did not enter correct pictures of their members in the online system, the organization will need the presence of some athletes at the accreditation desk to be able take some pictures and to print the cards.

In the layout below you can check the place of all facilities prepared for the event, including the ones described above.





Water Plan
Deployment Of The Building
Together with the infrastructure and existing services, will provide: