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For booking the classification slot: The Doodle Poll for scheduling classification for Montemor-O-Velho will be open for two weeks between July 4 and July 18.


Access to the polls will be posted on the Paracanoe section of the ICF website.
• Medical Diagnosis Documents: must be sent through the classification upload platform by July 18.
• All other Classification Documents must be sent by July 25
• Equipment Passports must be sent by Aug. 15

Athletes attending classification at competitions must upload the following Paracanoe forms on the Classification upload platform before the classification period, with the following deadlines:

No later than 30 days before the start of the classification period of the Competition (unless
otherwise indicated):
• Paracanoe Athlete Certificate of Diagnosis
• Athlete Diagnosis Form
• Any other supporting medical documentation

No later than 3 weeks before the event:
• Declaration of Medical Complications & Emergency Measures
• Paracanoe Athlete Information & Consent
• Strapping waiver – this document will be valid for the whole 2018 season
• PFD waiver - this document will be valid for the whole 2018 season

No later than 3 days before the event:
• Equipment passport for Kayak – if the athlete competes in a Kayak category
• Equipment passport for Va’a – if the athlete competes in a Va’a category

All documents must be completed in English.

Athlete Certificate of Diagnosis must be completed in English and signed by a medical doctor. It
should also include supporting medical diagnostic documentation. In complex cases additional
supporting medical information may be requested.

The forms are available to download from the ICF Website in the Paracanoe area – in the
classification page:

Any athlete who is entered in an event for which he/she has no classification will not be
permitted to race.

Paracanoe athletes may enter more than one event if their classification makes them eligible to do so and the schedule permits. (NOTE: Athletes are not permitted to compete outside their classification category, ie. A KL1 category athlete may not race ‘up’ into KL2) NF’s are required to provide their own boats for their classification. The ICF is unable to provide a boat loan service. It is recommended that Federations who need to borrow boats for the competition or for classification make boat loan arrangements early with boat manufacturers or event organizers.

ALL athletes competing MUST complete and upload an equipment passport on the classification
upload platform.

If the equipment passports are not completed and uploaded, the athlete will not be allowed to race.
The equipment passports will be checked during classification and before each race. If the equipment does not match the equipment passports, the athlete will not be allowed to race.

If the athlete has sent an equipment passport before but has changed some equipment, a new equipment passport must be uploaded on the classification upload platform and the changes must be specified.

If the athlete has been given a confirmed status and are changing the equipment, the Chief Classifier
will determine if the changes are approved.

The equipment passport form is available to download from the Paracanoe section of the ICF website.


For a full reading of the ICF Paracanoe Competition Rules and Classification Rules & Regulations, go to:

(see Paracanoe Rulebook & Classification Rules for exact wording.)

A 50 euro fee per athlete will be charged for incomplete forms that require the ICF Paracanoe
Committee to complete.
A 200 euro fee must accompany each Protest of a Classification
A 75 euro fee must accompany each Protest of a Competition Rule National Federations are permitted two entries in all Paracanoe events.

NOMINAL ENTRIES DUE DATE: 15 days before the first day of the competition.
(NOTE: Canoe Sprint nominal entries are due 8 days before the first day of competition)

Athletes are only permitted to race in the class in which they are classified; i.e. A KL1 category athlete can only race in KL1.

Spray skirts/Spray decks are not permitted for Paracanoe classification or Paracanoe races unless approved by the Chief Official due to inclement weather conditions. Kayaks are only permitted to have one rudder under the hull. Hence, skegs and/or projecting keels are not permitted.

Rudders may be fixed.

Kayaks will be allowed weed deflectors in front of the rudder.

Only stabilizing pontoons are permitted as modifications for stability. Va’a hulls are permitted to be concave. Rudders, skegs and projecting keels are not permitted.

For Boat Dimensions & Weight check ICF Paracanoe Competition Rules – Section 7.2


Paracanoe teams attending the ICF World Cups & World Championships are subject to the fees noted in the table below. Fees will be calculated from the ICF’s ISIS entry system and will be invoiced by the ICF office after the event directly to each National Federation.

Team Size
Less than 4 - 100 euros
Less than 8 - 200 euros
Less than 12 - 300 euros
12 or more 400 euros