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The Center for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho

The Center for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho [CAR]...

Geographic Location:
Lat 40°10’21.13”N / Lon 8°41’4.73”W
Depth from 1.60 mts to 3.00 mts
Electrical power: 220 W (16, 32, et 63 amp)
Travel lift up to 39 ton
Boat yard services
Located at 139 Kms from the Porto airport

Athletes area characteristics:
The athletes will have their own area.
This area includes:


We provide temporary structures for leisure. This includes entertainment, food and beverage kiosks, merchandise kiosks and other activities for the public to enjoy.
We try to attract as many people as possible and therefore we use local and national media coverage such as radios, TV channels, press and media. A video signal of the races will be available and it will be displayed in more than 30 plasma screens around the Venue.


The information will be set in 2 steps: outside the limits of the event, at different public locations and also at the main entrance of the venue in appropriated structures for the purpose.

The merchandising will be set at the main entrance of the venue in appropriated structures for the purpose.

Will be temporary structures, placed in strategic locations and also public bathrooms at the main entrance. This includes handicap Toilets.

This service will be assured by local cafe & restaurant and food structures rented to catering and drinks establishments. This will be located in the areas surrounding the public stands.


The Centre for High Performance Montemor-o-Velho [CAR] stands out for its importance nationwide. It is an anchor project with the capacity to generate synergies and commitment from both the public and the private sector, applying the strategic value of sport in the local development agenda.


The Building
The main building is close to the pier and the outside access.
The transfer of the boats, from the trailers park to the storage inside the hangar and i from here to water is direct and has a sequential rectilinear path.


This structure includes 16 hangars for teams (24x6m each), restaurant area, showers, bathrooms, gymnasium and polyvalent rooms, which occupy the entire front of the Centre.
A complete and brand new gymnasium will also be available to be used by all nations. This will have a controlled acess Policy.

Teams Area
There will be 15 hangars available for the teams that will be distributed according to the number of its elements. Your Federation hangar will be published a week before the race.
Upon arrival, you will be able to find your country identified at each entrance.

Polyox control
The competitors can embark to the race from the 1st pier, where their boats, body numbers, boat numbers and accreditation cards are checked by ECA Officials.

1st Boat Control
This structure will be used for the 1st boat control, provided by ICF Officials for the world Championships. There will be no 1st boat control in the World Cup.
All teams are requested to book the boat control upon arrival to the venue.
The schedule for the1st boat control will be published some time before the week of the event.
After 1st boat control this structure will be converted into an athlete’s lounge, until the end of the event.

Medical Center
There will be several security entities working during the week of the championship at the venue.
Take note that the minimal services will be available for the training days.
The medical Centre will only be opened during the competition hours.
The security Operations Control Center will be the coordinator centre for all the medical and security teams.
Anti Doping will be held at the back of the Medical Centre. Selected competitors have to face doping control according to ICF regulations.

Info Point
The information Point for the team leaders is located in the competitors’ area.
During the competition volunteers, in this point, will provide information not only about start lists and results but also about the event in general.
This is also the place where you can deliver crew changes forms, etc…
A Plasma screen will be also available in this location with real time results and start lists.

Massage Room
If your team`s hangar and tent is not enough, the organization will provide you an extra open space for your team massages and relax time. All equipments have to be brought by you.

Prize Giving Ceremony
This area is meant to reunite the competitors that will participate in the medal ceremony.
This is the place where your athletes can change clothes and can prepare themselves for the ceremony.
The access to this area is made directly from the 2nd boat control.

Free Weight
There will be a free scale, where you can weigh up your boats during the competition days.

The Accreditation centre is located at the Venue Entrance.
All participants will arrive directly to the Accreditation Centre.
There will be two rooms for the accreditation. The first is dedicated to the finance department and the second is dedicated to the production of the accreditation cards and delivery of documents to the team’s leader.
Only the team leader needs to proceed to the accreditation desks to collect the accreditation cards and other objects for the team.
Because many of the teams did not enter correct pictures of their members in the online system, the organization will need the presence of some athletes at the accreditation desk to be able take some pictures and to print the cards.





Water Plan

In amendments to the plan are contained water related to the functional performance of the course - the return channel I channel heating and cooling - and related to the quality of the course, specifically with water quality - the diversion of Vala's Den system of water supply and the amount.

Water quality is directly dependent on the deviation of the Ditch Pit. This trench has the function of drainage from farm fields and flows directly into the course, dragging the field pollutant continuously.This is incompatible with the safe use of that body of water, so the correction is not only necessary but urgent. It is a quality assurance for structural Nautical Centre for rowing and canoeing, but also and especially for open water swimming.The proposed route, based on the joint study of the IDRA I NAG and provides for the diversion route in the ditch alongside the course, with the confluence downstream of the dam that controls the level on the course.The upstream water supply relies on the possibility of direct input from the central bed of the Mondego River or from the irrigation ditch in pumping Formoselha, admitting the possibility of a further strengthening of these systems depends on the hydraulic study.

In any case, matching the intervention with the existing structures.

Deployment Of The Building

The building is due to the location of the pier and the outside access. The movement of boats from the parking of trailers to the storage in the hangar, and in that to the access to water is in direct and sequential rectilinear path. This circuit is organized into five stages: parking of trailers, the first phase of assembly; hangar, the second phase of assembly and tuning; ramp to the pier. The design of each of the respective areas is due to the size of the largest boat - shell 8. Thus, in cross-section have the hangar with 24m and modulation of the outdoor areas around 30m and already has the channels of movement and protection. On-ramp to the dock for easy direction changes in access to the pontoons, we have a value of around 35m. The approximately I OOm from the front occupied by hangars and other functional areas served by access to the Sailing Centre on the west and east by the waterfront close to the limits of this area, sized to receive any kind of events.


Acessibility divided into access and entrances. We have access via the connecting bridges and Formoselha of Lavandeira, upstream and downstream respectively, the north side of the course.
This group includes the interventions are still needed for compatibility / reorganization of the circulation system of agriculture. The layout of the course favors the direct relationship of the surrounding urban areas - Montemor / Formoselha / Carapinheira - with the Nautical Center. Clarifies the types of travel, agricultural and non-agriculture.
An uneven crossing the bridge crossing Formoselha directs the fields in the direction perpendicular to the road from the fields, freeing them for the exclusive use of traffic agriculture, thus helping to reverse the current situation.

See in Google Maps

Inputs, and downstream, establish their links being accessed and the Nautical Center. The downstream node in the articulation of the road north to connect to Alfarelos is also the main access to the Nautical Center. This entry corresponds to the route between the node and the square topped by triangular building. The course has a profile with approximately 500 parking spaces and the triangular square has an area reserved for bus parking area immediately in front of the functional dependence of the hangars. The public side of the entry is marked with a metal frame tower whose height will allow the highlight of the sailing center in the valley of the Mondego.

Together with the infrastructure and existing services, will provide:

Reception Area
Security bars
Boats structures
Athletes Private Area
Audience Structures
Food and Beverages area
Restrooms and Toilets for audience
Media & Press Area
WC, showers and laundry facilities Parking


The building consists of a single large ship, modulated based on the module of the hangars, 24x6m, which occupies the entire front available from the ditch bordering the fields to the south and the cooling channel to the north. It ended with a solid sliding gate, which ensures both access to the building and the Nautical Center:Works like door Nautical Centre, enabling direct access from each of the hangars or from the collective areas.




The changing rooms and associated facilities (sauna, Turkish bath or Jacuzzi) are organized in three sections, allowing global usage patterns or in part, based on the value scale for regular use, 90 athletes were divided by gender in 60/30.The two nuclei at the north end, are able to work together to share a sauna, Turkish bath and jacuzzi. Still, the architectural solution safeguards the use is not dependent on gender, to better respond to the type of evidence, but also the possibility of expanding the locker room to the point charges described above - most likely situation in swimming and triathlon than in canoeing and rowing, given the evidence of their own cycle.Access to showers is made from cross paths.The accesses to the west solely to the possibility of expansion, occupying the space or the aisle, using temporary structures, outer space.

The technical area for the installation of the sauna,Turkish bath, jacuzzi and allows the installation of this equipment independently of the structure of the resorts, subject to the necessary articulation for direct access to the space associated with the showers.

The hangars occupy the central space, dividing the interior space in three. North is at the top restaurant at the top and south areas of support to athletes and administrative areas, but also the input stage of public events, since this is the side closest to the public areas along the runway.

The restaurant area is the only part of the building that does not allow direct access to the Nautical Center.A gap of about Im limits the balcony which completes the course, conditions of the possibility of deliberately crossing,valuing the pan and stay on the course to the east and north fields. This system favors an independent management scenario considered the best option for the operation of this equipment.In terms of architectural solution we chose to define the outer limits of the possibilities of releasing organization on the inside for the best response to the level of grant proposals. In the southern areas of support to athletes and administrative areas, are organized in clusters supported by circulations in the longitudinal and transverse.This network service allows for different forms of access management, guiding the direction of flow depending on usage scenarios.

Within the gym focus is the relationship interior I exterior, valuing the transverse direction by replacing the east and west walls in layers of glass sliding panels.This space can also receive other uses in a scenario of large events,with access to the multipurpose room and direct relationship with circulations in the east and west fronts.