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Apr 13, 2018

Masters Championships bulletin is finally out

The Organizing committee released today the ICF Canoe Sprint masters Championships 2018, to be hosted in Montemor-o-Velho from 14 to 16 of August.

The anxiety is over, the bulletin with all information about the incoming biggest masters event in the canoeing world is finally out.
it took a while to do it, but we have now released all the details about this major event for 35+ canoe sprint athelets.
The event will happen one week before the Seniors world championships, in the same venue ,and this year in a normal canoe sprint program with 200, 500 and 1000 meter events.

With a total of 15 categories, including 7 men’s events, 6 women and 2 mix, this championships are due to received more than 400 athletes from 35-39 age group until 75+.

The program includes 3 days competition, with 1000 and 500 meters heats and semifinals in day 1( 14 of August), a second day with 1000 and 500 meters finals and also 200 meters heats and finally a 3rd day with 200 meters finals and also the rest of the finals of 500 and 1000 meters.

There are some special rules that will apply this event, important to all participants to know and follow during the entries, already open at

- A master competitor can compete in a master event in a year when he/she reach to lower limit of age category, i.e. in the 35-39 age group, in the year of his or her birthday;

- An athlete can complete in a maximum of 6 events in kayak and 3 events in Canoe;

- There must be at least 6 entries in a event for that event to happen. If not the boats will be added to the category immediately below;

- An athlete can only compete in one K1/C1 event in each distance. Is it possible although to compete in different age groups in different distances. . I.E. Compete in K1 1000 35-39 and K1 200 in 40-44.Same applies for Team Boats;

- In K2, C2 and K4 events, the average age of the boat members will determine the category each a crew can compete;

- An Athlete cannot compete in Kayak and in Canoe Events;

- In a mixed K4, at least 2 women must be part of that boat.

You can find the complete bulletin for the event here