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Aug 15, 2018

Masters Championships started

The Masters were the first to enter action in Montemor-o-Velho. Soon on the first day of the 2018 Masters Championships, which ends on Thursday, there was no lack of emotion when it came to qualifying for the finals. The start of the competition provided good feelings.

Around a hundred and fifty canoists, aged between 35 and 74 from 25 countries, today did not spare their efforts in the Montemor-o-Velho High Performance Center, distance of 1.000 meters at the K1 35-39, K1 40-44, K1 45-49, K1 50-54, K1 55-59, K1 60-64 and K1 65-69, but also K2 40-44 , K2 50-54 and K2 55-59.

Tomorrow, on the second day of competition, expectations are high, as world champions will be known. The day is expected to be long. In the men's, the finals of K1 35-39, K1 40-44, K1 45-49, K1 50-54, K1 55-59, K1 60-64, K1 65-69 and K1 70-74 are disputed, as well as C1 35-39, C1 40-44, C1 45-49, C1 50-54, C1 55-59, C1 60-64 and C1 65-69, all in the distance of 1.000 meters.

The women's will start tomorrow's participation in the 2018 Masters Championships, with the distance of 500 meters of the titles of K1 35-39, K1 40-44, K1 45-49, K1 50-54, K1 55-59 and K1 60-64. The ladies also fight for the titles of K2 35-39, K2 40-44, K2 45-49, K2 50-54, K2 55-59, K2 65-69, K4 35-39, K4 40-44, K4 45-49, K4 50-54 and K4 60-64.

On the second of the three days of the World Championship also includes, in the men's, the qualifying competition for the final in the 200 meter of K1 35-39, K1 40-44, K1 45-49 and K1 50-54.