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Jun 29, 2018

ICF releases updated version of timetable

The International Canoe Federation published today a new timetable for the incoming Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World CHampionships, taking place in Portugal in late August.

With only 2 months to go, the program for the most important Canoe sprint event of the year has suffer several changes in the timetable, by the lead of the International Canoe Federation.

This is a summary of the changes made into this new version of the timetable:

The K2 500m races were deleted from day 2 and added the semi finals of K4 1000 meters also in day 2.

In day 3 it was added the C2 women 500 meters and the K2 500 meters men heats in the afternoon.

On day 4 K2 men 500 meter FInal B was moved into the morning program. C2 women 200 meters was now moved into after K1 women 200 meters. K2 500 meters and C2 WOmen 500 meters semi finals were also deleted from day 4.

Still in day 4, Semi finals of K4 Men and women were added as well as C2 500 meters men Semi final also, making saturday a longer day, with one more hour of races.

On the 5th and last day, the program starts now 30 minutes later, with some order changes in the 200 meters semi finals. The moved events into day 3, disapper from this that and K2 500 meters Semi finals will now be happenning in sunday, last day of the championship.

The updated version of the timetable can be seen here or in the original version released by ICf here.