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Feb 21, 2018

Provisional timetable for 2018 Sprint & Paracanoe World available

The provisional timetable of events for the incoming ICF Canoe Sprint & Paracanoe World Championships is now available.

The organizing committee of the 2018 Sprint & Paracanoe worlds have published today the provisional timetable of events, including important information concerning official ceremonies, Team leaders meetings, daily races and live tv schedule.

This document, as the name says, is provisional, but for 2018 there is a guarantee from the International Canoe Federation. The gaps and times between different categories will not be changed, even if according to the entries, there are less heats or semifinals for any particular category. This will help insure the resting time for all athletes now proposed and also in advance knowledge for national Federation to prepare the participation in this championships.

A total of 12 Olympic and 9 Paralympic events are among all the categories in this timetable.

On August 21st, last day before the start of all the action, a lot of meetings will happen, with special note for the Sprint team leaders meeting at 16:30 at the venue.
Later that day, the organizing committee will be hosting at Montemor-o-Velho Castle a unique opening ceremony, a end of day to be in everyone’s memory for many years. Video mapping, live orchestra and a international musical/animation group, are part of the 1 hour opening ceremony the local organization is preparing for all teams and for the citizens of Montemor-o-Velho. For sure something everyone would have to attend.

On the 22nd of August at 11am the action starts with Paracanoe races. This day is totally reserved to paracanoe. First paracanoe finals will take place already in the end of day 1, at 17:45.

On the 23rd, sprint races start, with the first heats at 8:30 am. Paracanoe will also compete in this second day of races in Montemor-o-Velho High performance Centre having some more finals.

This will be the longest competition day of all week, with races until around 19:00.
It is still to be decided by the ICF Paracanoe Committee to have the first medals presentation on this day or move them all to Friday, day 3 of the championships.

Moving to the 3rd day of races, Friday, we will start racing at 9:00 again with sprint and paracanoe events, having already in the morning some more paracanoe finals.

During the afternoon, the first sprint finals are on schedule with the first A Finals being on live tv Worldwide, with EBU signal, between 3 and 5 pm. All other events will be streamed in ICF official YouTube channel, or in the IOC Olympic TV.

Saturday, 4th day of races will again start at 9am, with sprint semifinals and paracanoe Finals, and also some C and B finals in sprint.

At 12:00, Live tv will be on to show worldwide some of the most spectacular A Finals of the all week, including K1 and C1 men 1000 meters, K2 Women 500 and others. Races will be live until 13:30.

During the afternoon 200 meters heats will be the focus of the program until the end of the day at 6pm.

Sunday, last day of the 2018 World Championships will start again at 9am with 200 and 500 semifinals and at 12:00 A Finals , again with Live TV worldwide, that will cover the last 200 and 500 meters finals and ceremonies.

After lunch, it will be time for the last medal races, with the 5000 meters races of K1 and C1 men and women.

It will be 5 days of pure canoeing passion and exciting that cannot be missed, at the stands or at home in front of the computer or the tv.

A note for a previous timetable, published last week by ICF HQ, that was not updated. Please do not consider it.

The provisional timetable can be found here